Oak Structures and Oak-Framed Houses

Oak Structures

Along with the foundations, the structure of your building is fundamental to its longevity, safety – and to realising all the design possibilities that self-builds can bring.

We love working with self-builders or developers to create bespoke oak frame house plans from scratch, to bring their project to fruition in the form of a beautiful oak frame construction. We also keep a firm eye on build costs, finding experienced and clever ways to deliver your goals, on budget, on spec, and on time.

The process starts with our architectural designers. They can work with your own concept, and/or create designs to inspire you. Drawing on years of experience, our designs not only look good on paper, but work in practice. Indeed, every Paul Bloom design is created to make your oak frame construction build easier, quicker and more cost-effective.

We work with you as a team, starting with your dream and taking it through to a stunning structural reality.



Oak-Framed Houses

We hear it again and again from our clients: there is something magical about living in an oak-built house.

Maybe it taps into our most basic instincts of creating a shelter from the resources around you.

Oak also charms your senses: its warmth, beauty, texture and scent, all coupled with the satisfying feeling that you have created your domain yourself, bring to fruition your dream oak framed home.

At Paul Bloom, we design and construct traditional bespoke oak frames for houses of every size and style, from small to large, from classical to ultra contemporary. And because every home is different, we treat every project with the individuality it deserves.

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